of Godsons and good friends

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Date: 12 October 2007 11:34:05

My friends, the Professor and his family, phoned me from New Zealand today to wish me a happy birthday! 2 days early BUT they were so stressed out they were going to miss it completely that it doesn't matter :)

We spoke for nearly 2 hours, and over 1 hour of that was with my 13 year old godson - not bad eh! HIs mum got on after that and said that he speaks a heck of a lot more to me than he does to them - so I asked if she'd been listening in to catch up on the goss - he he he :)

Was great to talk to them, we used to talk at least once a week when we all lived in the same state, approx two hours from each other - and I saw them weekly when we lived in the same town, or more often, depending on who made it to church, and if i was babysitting etc ... so I've missed them.

But they're good friends, they came over early on their Chrissie holidays so they could make it to the wedding (The professor was a Bible reader) and they've been trying to phone for a while - especially earlier in the year when they thought my emails were a bit worrying - remember when I wasn't coping well?. What more can you ask for in friends eh :)

Godson was very excited when he learnt that we're both reading Lord of the Rings at the moment - though I've just started the first book (27th read through, have read it every year since my 10th, and i turn 37 on Sunday) and he's int he middle of book two - he also knows I'll finish first but he's cool with that, especially as I told him reading fast doesn't mean you're better at it, just that you process differently.