of lurgies

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Date: 17 October 2007 12:27:19

yes, I've had one, and it was gross, but on the mend now so we won't talk about it anymore.

It was 15C in BUrnie today, which works out at around 18C anywhere else I think - lovely and warm warm warm sun sun sun! Such a relief after yesterday, literally changed every 5 minute - we had hail and one point and no prizes for guessing who's mad puppy was out dancing in the hail instead of sheltering in the kennel! He's a loon - but he's cute :)

We're hopefully booking our places on the boat for Christmas this week - and puppy is coming too - and that will be a big adventure!

Mr Tasmania is whisking me away this weekend to Rosevears Vineyard Estate, near Launceston - should be great!

My birthday weekend was lovely, lots of good friends, and best of all having mum, dad, and my boy all here with me - Mr Tasmania was in Tasmania last year, and I came down the weekend after for his brother's wedding. He'd arranged for a present to be delivered to me on the day, gorgeous boy, but still not the same as having him there - so was very glad it worked out this year! And lovely to have the parents too - really nice to have some of my family here, my first birthday in Tasmania!
We get on very well, my parents and I, even though we bicker a bit :) - I was sad to see them go but seem to have gotten over all the horrible homesickness that i had earlier in the year, thank goodness, so I could wave them off and be happy that I'd be seeing them in 10 weeks or so for Christmas in the Highlands.

We're starting to prepare for Christmas now ... I don't know Mr Tasmania knows quite how many Christmas cards I usually send out .... ah yes, the new and different things you experience as a married couple ;)

I love Christmas! People are freaking out that it's only 10 weeks away but I love it!