Of weekends and gardens and fun things

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Date: 18 October 2007 11:04:22

We had a lovely weekend really, even though we were, in order of age: dad, recovering from dehydration and food poisoning, mum, recovering from pneumonia, and me, attempting (and failing) to not develop a massive head/chest cold ... and Mr Tasmania, in good health!

First thing Saturday morning (well, after a nice sleep in!) we drove to Wynyard via Table Cape. The Table Cape Tulip Farm is in full swing at this time of year and the colours are amazing - unfortunately the batteries in my camera karked it so I couldn't take any pics - but the parents took enough so hopefully they'll send some through!

We checked out the local Tulip Festival ... and then went to view the Rhododendron Gardens in Burnie. I'd mention the market we went to as well, except it was quite sad (it's the poor cousin of the markets held locally), so best not to talk about it I think. The rhodo gardens are quite amazing, in ten years or so they will be phenomenal! They're set on 33 acres (13'ish hectares) in an amphitheatre and have obviously been there for some time, as some sections are quite mature. We started from the ‘end' ie the carpark, and did the walk backwards from the least developed areas, but that was quite satisfying as we ended up in the lovely large rhododendron area - just beautiful. I will hopefully be putting up some pics soon. Also a pic of the large ‘Tassie' bumblebee - they're MASSIVE, and very very loud!

Sunday was breakfast at Jolly Rogers Restaurant in Boat Harbour, and was just beautiful. I received some lovely presents and my parents had a great time - they're getting to know some of our friends as they've been down here a few times. Mr Tasmania's mum made me a black forest cake as a surprise birthday cake - and another friend made me a choccy cake in the afternoon, which was really lovely. We picked up the papers and had a relaxing afternoon - it was great that my parents could take the break as they've been working very very hard and truly needed the rest - they're looking so tired that even my brothers have picked up on it - good boys generally my brothers, but a little slow on the uptake re the parents - I think they still think of them in a slightly 6 year old view ie super beings who are tireless, rather than the realities - which is nice, but doesn't do them any good. I was glad that by the time they left on Monday arvo they were cheery and looking relaxed.