Of holidays and destructive puppies

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Date: 23 October 2007 11:03:22

So, we had a lovely weekend away in Launceston. Mr Tasmania took me away for a night to celebrate my birthday (yes, I know, it's gone on for nearly two weeks now - but why not?) We stayed at Rosevears Retreat in the spa apartment - just lovely, absolutely lovely, hopefully I will put some pics up on Flickr at some point! We are so definitely going to stay there again - it's only a 15minute drive from the city, can't understand why you would stay in the city with a (Peppers) lovely view of the car yard or the dredging machine, or with the car noises, when you could overlook the Tamar Ridge Vineyards and the Tamar River and beyond ... seriously, even for the serious clubber, a 15min taxi ride isn't going to break the bank and it's so totally worth it!

We dined at the Rosevears Tavern, built in 1831, and I had one of the best steaks I've ever eaten (scotch fillet - yum) - I think it'd be about number 3 in my top ten.

Launceston has some beautiful buildings, gorgeous architecture, worth seeing. Mr Tasmania is a little biased against it as he went to Uni there ... and I find when you've lived in a town and had no money to do anything you often tend more to the negative view - but I liked it!

And we went to Bunnings Warehouse (a very large hardware everything emporium - one of my hands down favourite places to shop!) ... and we bought, most importantly, reed fencing to put up against our back fence, so we no longer have a view of the ‘baby neighbours' washing and old wrecked car, which now has pride of place on their back lawn - which is also just behind our see through back fence - niiiiicccceeeee.

Anyway, as soon as we got home, we put the reed matting up and it looked fantastic. We arrived home yesterday afternoon to a scene of destruction! Somebody had obviously run out of things to do in his day .... But it's all fixed now, I went off to pottery class (I'm making a ‘secret' mosaic plaque to give our neighbours, who are very cool) and came back at 9:30pm to find husband just finishing putting up the chicken wire which now covers the reed matting - in the dark wearing his head torch! He was very happy to see me and the chocolate pannacotta and milk chocolate I'd brought :)

Ah well, it gives us something to talk about, and at least we don't seem to spend our evenings on our butts in front of the telly!