Of telling my husband to go away (and I love him very much)

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Date: 28 October 2007 11:03:35

sorry, he's been playing on the computer for a couple of hours and I've left him to it ... but now i'm here and he wants to read over my shoulder ... grrr

I don't really mind but he's asking what I'm going to write and I don't know until I write it .. I know, I know, you thought I pondered for days before typing but no, it is stream of consciousness and that's about it.

Anyhoo ... we planted the callistemon - or 25 anyway (actually I planted them), put their little bags around them and they're done ... Mr TAsmania mowed the entire yard (largish!) while two of his year 10 students came and put barbed wire around the bottom of two of the fences (paid them) - was a long day and I had the grumpies (well, I woke up with a headache and it went downhill from there) but we managed to get it all done without an argument so that's good.

Today he played golf and I met him at the new Subway Restaurant in Wynyard before church - apparently it's the first Subway cafe in the world - in little old Wynyard, who'da thunk! Anyhoo, the coffee is great (Grinders) and they stay open LATE every night 10pm and 11pm - legendary! My life has immediately become SO much better - and I'll probably never again want a coffee on the way home from somewhere now that I can get it :)

Oh, and it's raining ... again ... we had a beautiful beautiful week ... I'm sure it'll stop soon - it's great for our plants and the weather's warmed up so it's not bad ... apparently it rained inSydney this week too, so hopefully Deeleea's feijoa will have taken all that in, mixed it with the fertiliser she has given it, and started brewing up a good solid batch of fruit!