Of busy

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Date: 06 November 2007 20:01:45

Long time no talk!

We've been busy - but good busy, most of it.

This weekend was a long weekend in our part of Tassie (it's great, Tasmanians have kept a lot of long weekends that the rest of Oz has given up or combined - so we have one in March, one in November, the October one is a Friday not a Monday, I think there might even be another one in there somewhere - love it!) and I think this is probably my favourite so far, mainly because we're in November now and the year starts rocketing to the end, and we're tired after Winter, and just looking for some sunshine, and this long weekend gives you a little breather before you get into the chaos.

Anyway, we had sun all weekend, it was gorgeous, the breeze was cold yesterday but we'd done all our jobs and our lunch guests postponed (hooray!) so we had the afternoon to ourselves - so I read on the banana lounge with my legs in the sun (yes, they're burnt today) and the puppy snoozed alternately on or under the other sunlounge, whilst hubby did things to the cars and pootled about, but also managed to read a little. The Tasmanian Library service is interesting, I'm used to Councils or Local Governments running libraries, so you can't automatically go into any library you come to and borrow/return - whereas the Tasmanian population is so tiny (under 500,000) that it's a statewide service, you can order books online, and borrow/return anywhere in the state - I like the online part the most, especially when I'm late returning books!

We've planted all our callistemon pallidus now (lemon bottlebrush, 3 - 4 metres high eventually) and put their little green bags on, it's looking so good up at the block now, nearly 75 (I think) plants all in their bags, marching along the boundaries. We also put up 115m of chicken wire along the fences to keep the dog in - he will get through ringlock - so the whole yard is now wallaby and puppy proof - will gradually get to rabbit proof but that's ‘get to it' job, not a ‘now' job.

I also planted out marigolds, alyssum (pink and white), salvia's, and violets into the garden at the shack. I have lavender and fairy fishing wands to go in, and I kept back 5 bottlebrush to go in various places around the fences (particularly in one spot where a neighbour four doors down can see straight into our backyard!)

I do love spring, and I'm loving living here, where there are no water restrictions and everything grows like mad!