Of interesting times at church

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Date: 06 November 2007 20:02:54

We've had a little bit of a rant each lately, as have a couple of others we know, about something that has recently happened in our church. We (ie the church body) has been told that there are envelopes available, and the announcement made and put in the newsletter, for us to give to our youth pastor and his fiancé to pay for their honeymoon - in THAILAND! About $4000 needed!

Now, I'm all for them going to Thailand, good on them. I'm all for it costing what it costs. I'm all for people giving them money if they feel led to do so. SO NOT into announcements from the pulpit, notices in the newsletter, and notices on the powerpoint notices presentation. If you want to, go for it, but I WILL NOT be told that it's a good thing to do by the Pastor.

I think it's a bad example to the youth and others in the church - and I'm sure there are other young engaged couples in the church who want to go on a great honeymoon but can't afford it - what about them? Basically, if they can't afford to pay for a holiday in Thailand, and their parents are not prepared to help them out, then they don't go to Thailand, that's all there is to it.

I really really really don't like it.