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Date: 11 November 2007 10:15:09

He's been debarked today .... The vet said he did really well, so it just remains to be seen how much of his bark has disappeared ... he appears to be an overachiever in so many areas that it would not surprise me at all if he still retains quite a bit of volume! I weighed him before he went through - I think I mentioned before that fully grown blue heelers (male) are supposed to be between 18 - 21kg's. At 16 months he weighed 25kg's. Now, at 17 months, he weighs 26.2kgs! and he's lost at least another dog in moulting hair in the last fortnight. I cannot believe how much he weighs - and he's not fat! He's getting more and more solid across the chest and front legs - he's a very very strong dog, quite capable of pulling myself and/or Mr Tasmania along if he wants to - and neither of us is particularly a lightweight - though we do both weigh less than we did this time last year - not bad for first year of marriage, when you're apparently supposed to pork up