of puppies and big blue rocks and lovely weather (and husbands)

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Date: 11 November 2007 10:27:56

well, the debarking was a success - he has a loud coughing noise for a bark, he can still growl, he gives the odd yip, and he couldn't care less. He has stitches that we need to keep an eye on but, other than feeling a bit ordinary yesterday am, he's good. We'll keep him inside for the next few nights just to keep an eye on him.

We left Mr Tasmania at the block yesterday, whipper snippering, mending fences, finishing the mowing, and doing lots of other things, while I took him home and did a LOT of washing, and other things, and kept an eye on the puppy. I also cooked a lovely piece of silverside - yum! My favourite!

Today we canned church (as the lunch date we were supposed to go to was postponed due to illness), went back to the block and sprayed roundup, weeded, and moved a large circle of blue stones (EXTREMELY heavy, used to make blue metal road base) to another spot. The bank it was on is going to be dug out for earthworks for the house so we've moved it to a location where the garden bed it is making will be able to be seen from the house. It will have a weeping cherry, at Mr Tasmania's request, and lots of little cottagey things ie alyssum, aquilegia, pigface, viola's etc, so will be very pretty, and a contrast to our native grevillea and bottlebrush.

We have seen no evidence of wallabies in the fenced area since we put up the chicken wire last week so I've taken the protective bag off one of the first grevilleas and we'll see how it goes.

While Mr Tasmania went for a run I built a little chicken wire fence around the front garden of the shack, as he saw two wallabies outside last night and I don't want to lose my little garden now!

The weather has been gorgeous, by the way, 21C today, Tassie is a little warmer than shows so I work on about 2C more than stated - hot and sunny!