Of weather

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Date: 16 November 2007 20:40:45

It has been fabulous weather in North West Tasmania this week (all the more galling as I've been off work most of the week and not in a fit state to enjoy it - though I did spend some time asleep on the banana lounge on the verandah!).

The sun is hotter here - yes, I know, not making sense - but apparently with the angle of the sun etc it makes a difference - and clear air too I'd say. I'm sure there are parts of Oz where this also has an effect - and mountainous regions too ... suffice it to say, scientific it may not be, but I do not tan in my daily walking around, if you understand, at home in NSW. But at home in Tassie I do - I have a watch mark and we're not even out of spring yet ... this DOES NOT HAPPEN to me - my mum thinks it's hilarious. I'm going to actually have a brown face by Christmas and it will look WEIRD! I'm fair, I burn impressively, I do eventually gather a faint tan with much effort and 30+ sunscreen - but here I'm not even trying, it's just the general every day.

So I'm going to have to really spend up and get some great night moisturisers and some good facials otherwise I'm going to look like an old bag in no time at all! And maybe some driving gloves. And my beautiful straw sunhat that covered me all the way to my shoulders that I've had for 14 years has karked it so I need a new one ... it's all so traumatic!