of surfing and gardening and more gorgeous weather

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Date: 16 November 2007 20:43:43

Looks like another beautiful day. Husband got up at 5am and took puppy for a long walk (1 1/2 hrs), I slept in and am now ready to get into my day! We've had so much more energy since JD gained his smokers bark - less stress and more sleep - it's actually quite a remarkable difference.

Anyway, he's now headed off down the WEst Coast with a mate to go surfing for the day and I'm gathering bits and making my list of stuff to do - might as well head out and do it early while I'm feeling energetic! Going up to the block first to water our little plants - we haven't had much rain and I'd hate them to die now!

then a huge list of bits and pieces to do - hopefully I'll get it all done, it's all enjoyable stuff (except the vacuuming - might leave that to tomorrow night!)