Of gardening and stuff

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Date: 25 November 2007 01:17:42

Mr Tasmania is off playing golf for Rotary.

I've been gardening ... I put in two 'random' lavenders (bought at his school fete for $2 each - how bad can they be?), 4 fairy fishing rods, and 5 callistemon pallidus (lemon bottlebrush). 3 of the bottlebrush are forming part of a 'fence' at the front of the shack - there are big sawleaf banksia but everyone who drives past basically can look straight in - and if the curtains are open at night? LEt's just say it brings a whole new meaning to a small town knowing your every move!

Anyway, they should grow to 4m high and 3m wide so will make a difference - and flowers/little birds to boot. The other two were looking a bit sad so I've planted them in the same hole behind our bathroom window - Mr Tasmania insists that the neighbours cannot see through the (open) hedge and the (lace) curtain BUT it's different for boys - doesn't really matter if the neighbours get a nude waist up view of him!!!!!!

I've also put cow manure and charlie carp on all my plantings and watered the lot so I'm feeling very happy about it all. And some sunflowers I planted have started to sprout, which is great!

The bottlebrush and grevillea at the block are doing so well. I've take the protective bags off some just to see how they come along. Since we put the chicken wire up we've had no wallabies or pademelons nibbling their tops so they're charging along. The Bottlebrush we put in three weeks ago have already doubled in size - almost like bamboo - so our hedges are already starting to look like hedges - fantastic!

We've had a busy week - Mr Tasmania had a brother who died many years ago, quite young, and his wife has gone on and remarried but remains very much still part of the family. She's been visiting from WA and we had the family dinner Tuesday night - lots of fun. Wednesday night we had dinner at friends house. Thursday night I had my hair done and Mr TAsmania came home to take puppy for a walk and write reports. Friday night we were at other friends house for a BBQ (I was the youngest by about 20 years I think!) and dancing, and last night we had other friends over to us for a BBQ! Whew, never rains but it pours!!!

And speaking of rain ... I can see some rather large clouds drifting in from the Nth-West, so I think, while the sun reamins out, I will turn off the computer and grab my drink and my book and go and get some VItamin D!!!