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Date: 26 November 2007 10:39:34

Poor Unordered (see comments on last post)! Was it an animal or a humanimal pulling out your sunflowers? I'm very glad I have my little fence around my front garden, I'd hate the wallabies and pademelons to eat all my flars!

I've just come back from the pottery class I go to on a Monday night - pottery group I guess, our teacher is very laid back, basically we pay her $6/hour for use of her studio and equipment, pay for clay, glaze, and firing, and come and go as we want on a Monday night. Suits me!

I've made some fun stuff, all hand work, no wheel. NOthing of great artistic value, just fun bits and bobs for around the place - currently drying and waiting to be glazed and fired are: some plant spikes, some round beads, a hand bowl (cut around my hand and draped over another bowl to dry), some baby mushrooms (remember the dancing mushrooms in the movie Fantasia?), some pieces to go on a mosaic tile I'm planning on doing for our neighbours (surprise), and some weird little fence post caps - one with a butterly, the other more like a beehive with a bee stuck to it. So, lots of little bits and bobs, nothing hugely artistic, but it's all colourful and I like it :)

Mr TAsmania has been pootling about at home, I've no idea what he's been doing except for watering the lawn, he's finally finished his 180+ school reports so I think he's feeling the lack of pressure.