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Date: 07 October 2008 11:39:33

the Driveway at the block - almost finished, only 3 cubic metres of mulch to go
October 2008 Driveway at the Block, almost at the end

FINISHED! Lost count of how many metres of mulch we've put on this driveway - but it's done! ... now there's only the back fence to go ... and it's twice as long!
October 2008 FInished!  Driveway is fully mulched.

Why puppies should not get close to bonfires - lucky he's a quick learner!
October 2008 Curly Whiskers - or why you don't get close to bonfires.

Tulips at Boat Harbour - Tasmania - these are being grown for the bulb market, not cut flowers, but in the meantime are a fabulous thing to look at twice a day as I drive along the highway to work and back - it's been fascinating watching each different row finally pop into flower and trying to guess what colour each row will be - I took these on Saturday, and they're even more gorgeous today!
October 2008 More Tulips, Boat Harbour Tasmania

Tulips contrasting with the Gum Trees
October 2008 Tulips and Gumtrees - Boat Harbour Tasmania

More tulips :)
October 2008 Tulips at Boat Harbour Tasmania