Of workplace atmosphere

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Date: 27 November 2007 09:42:53

I work out of an older house which has been quite tastefully remodelled to work as a business premises. The walls are either deep purple brown (aubergine but not quite) or mid-grey, and the floors are polished wood. We have very expensive abstract act on the walls, and the worlds largest loo (remodelled from the original family bathroom, shower / bath removed, so it's basically a large room with a small cupboard, a small loo, and a small basin in the corner, and room to dance in the middle!). It's set slightly out of a town on a block which has some plants ie camellia, banksias, lilies, azalea, grasses etc, and is fairly quiet.

It's possibly the best actual workplace I've worked in.

It makes such a huge difference to be able to walk in, sit down, and not worry about the place you're working in. If my workmates were nightmares (they're not) it'd be easier to cope in nice surroundings