Of dentists - I meant to put this one in yesterday

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Date: 27 November 2007 09:57:16

I have the fastest dentist in the universe I'm sure - absolutely amazing. I had a large filling fall out on Thursday night and luckily was able to get an appointment to have it fixed this morning - and if you know anything about the state of dental health care in Australia, especially outside the cities, you will know that is AMAZING. He's actually English, from London I think, and is very good - sits you down, whips the needle in, pops in the filling, cleans you up, and off you go - 20mins, max. Love it, as I can book an appointment and know it's only going to take the equivalent of my half hour lunch break - which means I don't have to use any flex time unless I want to. I will today as I didn't have a choice of time so had to take the early morning one - if I don't get lunch as well I'll just DIE ... but generally it's good.