Of dramas with doggies

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Date: 30 November 2007 21:43:54

We were walking JD this morning, as we do every morning, and just chugging along until we got to “Kevin's Corner”. Kevin is a large Rottweiler, who has a nameless friend, and they are quite vicious. They're never walked, probably because they're too large and vicious and would try to attack anyone who walked past with a dog.

JD sometimes walks past without even looking at them, other times he gets really excited and seems to want to run over to them ... we don't know whether he wants to play or just tease them, as he has a habit of teasing a couple of other dogs who are stuck behind fences, naughty boy. Anyway, this morning he was revved up, did a HUGE lunge on the lead - and the choker chain snapped! So he took off across the road, straight to them and sent them nuts running up and down the fence!

Trouble is, they can't get out, but he could get under (or over!) their gate if he decided to. Mr Tasmania was only half awake and took a few seconds to react but after he saw me take off he woke up and ran - we bracketed JD (like catching chooks) and when he tried to run past Mr Tasmania he was crash tackled - not a bad tackle for an AFL player actually J

Anyway, luckily we walk him with two collars, so we didn't have to haul him home by his collar ... but I'm going down to Pet's Domain and buying the strongest choker collar I can find at lunchtime!