Of trailers

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Date: 01 December 2007 21:48:01

We bought a trailer yesterday! It's very cool. We already have a very large blue trailer to tow behind the car. And a super spreader for the paddocks (not ours really, permanent loan!) ... but this one is very very different!

Mr Tasmania spotted it at the Hardware & Produce store and came home all excited - I saw it Saturday and we put it on the account straight away!!

It's quite a big poly tray, on big wheels, solid base, with a big rubber covered handle so you can pull it around OR attach it behind the ride on lawn mower or the four wheel motorbike. AND (drum roll here please!) - IT'S A TIPPER!!!!!


We've still got so much bark mulch to put down around all the hedging plants so this will make life easier - we're planning on ordering a truckful (12m sq) and, trust me, I'd rather haul piles of it around in the trailer with the ride on than move it all in buckets!