of busy weeks and work

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Date: 08 December 2007 23:58:45

It has been busy (not at work, mind you, but that's good ‘cause if work was busy I'd die!) in our lives the last couple of weeks. We are both looking forward greatly to going on holidays (fortnight for me, 8 weeks for Mr Tasmania!). We've got lots of plans for those holidays but we'll be based in one place and hanging out with my family, so it'll be great. The BroBoss and his wife have bought a house 15 mins from mum/dad, so we're looking forward to seeing that and hearing all their plans. KombiBro and his family are renting a house near mum/dad and apparently it's fabulous, and they have had a SHOCKER of a house for the last couple of years in Sydney, so we're looking forward to looking at that too. And checking out how far mum/dad have reached on the extension/renovation - apparently they're into the rumpus room and charging onwards to building the built in wardrobe in their bedroom - which means they're practically finished - hooray! They'd be a lot further along if certain persons who shall remain nameless hadn't happened to have met the love of their lives last year and decided to have a wedding with the reception at their place :)