Of lovely days and conflictions

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Date: 09 December 2007 00:02:22

we've skipped church (again!) and have been for a walk on the beach with the dog (before 10am, so it's legal) and had coffee with friends. Mr Tasmania is now washing the trailer and the car and then we're heading off to Latrobe and the Raspberry FArm at Elizabethtown to meet friends - the Mellencamps - for coffee and raspberry deliciousness. We really don't want to go anywhere, it's such a gorgeous day, but they're down from (my) home for the weekend and it's halfwayish between where they're staying and our place - and after 1200km's it's a bit churlish to say no, hour anda half is too far to drive. But it's such a nice day here .......

ah well ... friends are friends 'cause they do these things :)