Of Christmas cards and lovely days

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Date: 16 December 2007 23:07:07

had a lovely first wedding anniversary. Started the day with a walk around the Seabrook Golf Course (husband and two mates played - I enjoyed the walk in the sun) at 7:30am. Off to church, which was great, very Christmassy, and a lot more traditional Christmas carols than you usually get in a penty church - nice! I love a good carol and Christmas Song .... O Holy Night, The Carol of the Birds (Australian, see if you can find it, lovely lovely lovely), and The Snowman!

Love it all!

We then went to a lovely lunch at Jolly Rogers Restaurant in Boat Harbour - gorgeous summer sunny day, warm, bright, beautiful blue green water, perfect day with my lovely lovely boy.

We are going halves in the Dyson hand held vacuum cleaner as our first anniversary present. At the post-Christmas sales! Yes, we're probably far too practical but if we are happy who cares eh :)

I've just ordered Mr Tasmania's Christmas present online ... he won't get it until after Chrissie but I think he's going to be very very very happy. I can't tell you what it is as he reads this BUT if you want to find out ('cause you're nosy!) email me and I'll fill you in!

I've just finished writing our Christmas Cards. I think I mentioned earlier that this was a BIG year of cards, as I figured I'd send one to everyone we invited to the wedding, plus all our families, plus all our friends - even those that Richard hasn't met, that I haven't met, etc.

Next year the list will be MASSIVELY cut down. I have so far posted 40, have 55 sitting ready to post, have 3 to find addresses for and then post (Ian!), have 8 internationals to buy stamps for and then post (PS thanks for the lovely postcard Deeleea, it's truly lovely - and I agree with all you've said re blogs etc!!!! :)), have hand delivered one, and have 3 sitting under the tree to be dropped off before we leave on Saturday. Phew! HOw many is that ... 111 I think. NOt a competition obviously! Glad to have done them though, I actually really enjoy doing them - one of the main reasons for doing less next year (apart from time and cost!) is that I'll have more time and 'brain' to write in them all properly .. I like to write a message, not something generic. I honestly don't know why people who just write "Dear Miss Lisa and Mr TAsmania, Merry Christmas, Love ..... and .... bother really" ... I guess it's nice that they regard you as worthy of a card, but you somethings wonder if it's just a habit?

anyway, not to spoil the joy, only 8 sleeps until Christmas, 5 sleeps until we leave for NSW, 4 sleeps until our last day at work, and no sleeps until I get a day off - yes, it's today - yay!!!!!

I hopefully will write before and over Christmas etc but in case I don't, I wish you all joy and fun and peace and blessings at Christmas and into the New Year, and a fabulous 2008! And go you wedding things, have a blast!