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Date: 19 December 2007 11:08:48

I originally wrote this last Friday .....

We had a family bbq last night, at the in-law's. Very nice ... quite funny to realise that on one side of the little ‘Tasmania' family my husband and I are the youngest in the group of siblings in laws by 20'ish years, on the other side he's the oldest by about 6 years ....

My parents in law turn in their mid to late 80's, while my parents are late 50's and mid-60's ... quite a difference. Especially when you realise that my husband's oldest brothers are almost the same age as my dad.

We are blessed that they are all on the ball, intelligent, active people - and when you are with people like that age doesn't matter as you are all on similar wavelengths. Although husband and I did call our little extra table (we ran out of room) the ‘kids table', much to his brothers' amusement!

Mr Tasmania's mum, Mrs Santa Claus, is a non stop action woman, loves nothing more than getting out on a road trip to see what's happening in the world, playing a game of croquet (known to us as hockey!), working as a volunteer at the local information centre, or whipping up an enormous feast in a very small kitchen.

His dad, the Potato King, loves his ‘taters, and takes off regularly with boat in tow to go fishing - 5 or 6 days, puts the motor boat in the water himself, we assume all is okay until he turns up again J - he's also king of the punters!

Certainly not one's to stagnate with age! Hope we're at least half as good at their age - from what I've seen (working in the Aged Care industry now) they're the exception rather than the rule, so I hope we can end up like them!