Of Christmas and road trips

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Date: 27 December 2007 11:07:33

We came over on the day sailing of the Spirit from Devonport on Saturday 22nd, so it was a very early start, as we had to walk the dog first. Awake at 4:30am, to be all organised and on the road and at the boat by 7:30am for a 9am sailing. Not a bad trip, was very rough in the last four hours but neither of us get seasick, and Destructor was quite happy down below in his kennel, so it went well. We left Melbourne at 7pm and arrived at mum/dad's at 4:10am Sunday morning, so didn't do too badly. A bit longer than expected but we had to stop and untangle the puppy a few times (and put him back in his harness, as he has a habit of stepping on the seatbelt and letting himself out!), but all in all not a bad trip. I was up at 7am Sunday and made it through the day quite well. Obviously I need to stay up a full 24 hours to cope, if I go to bed really late I'm tired the next day, but up for 24 hours seems to work quite well - weird!

We had a great Christmas day, I think the bubble blowing machine I gave The Sherriff was the biggest success :), and we've had a good time since. It's been great to see the houses my brothers are living in, and see them settled back near mum/dad. Mr Tasmania has been doing a lot of wood cutting with dad over the last two days, while I've been doing stuff around the house and pruning plants etc to give the garden a general tidy up - mowing tomorrow apparently :) (while Mr TAsmania plays golf with KombiBro then goes to install a new stove for BroBoss). We'll be catching up with an old friend from Canada too, he hasn't been back to Australia since 1994 (I saw him in 1995 when I visited Canada) so it'll be great to have a natter. I've kept in contact so I pretty much know what he's up to, but so much better to see him in person! I would have caught up with him last year on my Europe/Canada holiday but a little thing (ie engagement and marriage) got in the way - so it's nice he's come to us!