Of holidays and good times

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Date: 09 January 2008 20:31:25

Lots of fun things whilst away, including a trip to Wombeyan Caves. I LOOOOOVVVVEEE Wombeyan Caves, it is one of my favourite places in the world [http://www.walkabout.com.au/locations/NSWWombeyanCaves.shtml], and we have camped there quite a few times over the years.

I wanted to go because I haven't been since October 2000 (we had the family trek for my 30th birthday - awesome weekend, torrential rainfall, floating in the tent, ChiliGirl arriving pale green as my brother had driven a Volkswagon Polo through window high waterfalls to get down ... they left before the road was closed officially to come down and just had to keep coming! ... and I'm serious about awesome, it was heaps of fun!) but I also wanted to show it to Mr Tasmania.

I must admit I had an ulterior motive ... the road in, Wombeyan Caves Road, is interesting, to say the least. On the gravel, sheer drops, very narrow two lanes, if you meet a hay truck YOU back up until it can pass, a LOT of blind corners - and mad mad mad four wheel driving tourists who have NO IDEA!!!! It's not a ‘caves' experience unless you go in via the Caves Road! Mind you, we came out via the Taralga / Goulburn road, which is tarred and much more civilised :)

We took the parents and our landrover and headed in on a very very hot and sticky day ... and it was lovely. Great to cross over the Ford at the Wollondilly River and see not only water, but enough water that people were floating down it on floaties - yay!

The caves itself is hard to describe (I know that sounds like bad grammar, but that's what we call it, the caves), you drop in over the cliffs and come down to a flat area with cabins and campgrounds and a feeling of serenity which is quite amazing. Lots of very big old poplar and pine/cypress trees, as well as gums, lots of green lawn, and heaps of grey kangaroos - Mr Tasmania was quite amazed by the size of one at least, a big daddy at about 6 foot tall :) and muscly!

We did the self-guided tour through the Fig Tree Cave and it was great - nice to be underground in the cool air too, as you start the tour by walking up a long hot dusty trail to the top of the hill.

I took some very blurry pics and some nice ones, [see www.flickr.com - Mrs Tasmania], but they might give you a small idea of what it's like. I've left the blurry ones out :)

I love caves ... when there's lights, at least - not interesting AT ALL in going caving