Of chicken wire and souvlaki

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Date: 12 January 2008 11:19:44

We got up early this morning, as we knew it was going to be a hot day, and were up at the block ready to attach chicken wire to the wallaby wire fence by 7:30am. By 12 we were finished, 100m attached and therefore rabbit proof. We only have one 20m stretch to go (need more wire) and a little bit of work under two gates and the entire 'house' paddock is wallaby and rabbit proof (from the outside) and JD proof (from the inside). Hooray!

The grevilleas are growing really well too, they look amazing, and the bottlebrush have taken off like mad things - and we haven't lost any yet! I'm still a bit amazed at the dirt I have to grow things in ... amazing.

One of our favourite restaurants is located in Wivenhoe, selling fish etc (which I hate) but lots of other things that I like. They've just started serving chicken or lamb souvlaki and I tried the lamb today .... beautiful! Mr Tasmania is very excited 'cause he's a fusspot and uses me as a tester to see how things are ... so he'll have souvlaki next time.

Perfect weather today, cloudless, people we know were married on Sisters Beach at 4pm this afternoon and thankfully the gale force winds that have plagued us all week showed no sign of turning up to join the party!

JD is off his nut with clear light weather, lots of dogs barking, lots of summer visitors, noisy parties, etc etc etc ... so he's currently asleep at my feet. Yep, I think he'll be spending a lot of time in the house this summer!