of duck diving with puppies

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Date: 12 October 2008 07:59:49

where oh where is the little man with a video camera when you really need him?

Mr Tasmania was in the pump shed at the creek restarting the pump (replacements to various parts which had been swept away downstream were necessary - no parts, no pump, no water etc) and I had JD on the lead and we were exploring the water, as you do.

He was in the creek, standing on one side of a log, sniffing the water .. and then he was OVER the log, head first, diving into a huge hole!

I'm sure he actually misjudged the depth :), the creek is pretty clear (albeit dyed brown from tea tree tannins). It was a might impressive dive, not only did he completely disappear but the lead went under another 20cm or so. He turned himself around and I hauled him back up over the log, he shook himself dry and seemed quite unfazed by the whole thing. I was in hysterics (laughter, that is, not horror), and Mr Tasmania missed the whole thing! I'm just so glad it was a BIG deep hole, 'cause I would not have relished trying to haul him out by the back legs! He's got big claws :)