some things about me

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Date: 15 January 2008 12:23:09

I love cream cheese ... any cream cheese ... any time ... anywhere (almost) .... but I love Jindi Triple Cream Brie more!

I love Blue Brie.

I can ride a horse .. haven't for a long time but it's .. easy as falling off actually ... and I've done a lot of that too!

I LOOOOVVVEEEEEE gardening .... if we won Lotto I'd get a 'little man' in for the heavy stuff but I'd be doing all the rest of it myself.

I collect very old (early) editions of Biggles books ... and yes, I know they're probably worth lots but I really only collct them 'cause I like them, not 'cause I want to sell them ... mind you, whichever sprog produced by the brothers turns out to be the biggest book lover may well one day bless Aunty Miss Lisa for her wise investing!

I like spicy but not hot

My brothers call me alternatively Sis, the Oracle, or the Sisinator ... depends on what sort of mood I'm in and if they want something, obviously :)

I'm not at all a fan of sand ... and I live about 400m from the beach.

My all time favourite movie is A Room With A View ... but I could sit down and watch Dr Who or Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth edition) or Star Wars any time too.

I like the Spice Girls :)

I also like a lot of other far more serious music .... but I like the spice girls and I don't care if you don't

I'm not small ... but am working on being less 'flabulous' .... very strong naturally and quite happy to end up toned and healthy and large ... have great blood pressure btw

My hair is currently red ... and long ... both are subject to change without notice

I love Anne McCaffrey books (but not the Acorna series - boring!)

I have a large collection of Agatha Christie paperbacks

I have a sweet AND a savoury tooth