of blarg and good days

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Date: 20 January 2008 20:08:30

not much happened yesterday, head cold and hot weather, as well as a husband who spent the night stealing the sheets, do not an energetic Miss Lisa make! Still, we had a nice day reading papers and hanging out, finishing with a BBQ with The Hairdressers and some others.

Puppy is recovering well, back to normal I'd say, he had to go back to the vet for a bit of a tune up of his previous surgery but is now happily 'houghing' away (he thinks he's barking his head off!). I can hear him from inside the house but Mr Tasmania and the next door neighbours can't - so that's okay.

SAturday was good, we watered all our plants at the block (they are growing so well, it's phenomenal) and then, of course, it started to rain :)

We had 7mm, which is great, as it all goes in ... mum/dad had 35mm, awesome for them! PIty the poor Queenslanders, flood and famine, unbelievable amounts of rain ... one dam is overflowing (Charleville I think) .. it was built in 1970 and has never ever been full ... so great .. but bad luck if your house has flooded!