of Australia Day and busyness

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Date: 27 January 2008 21:32:00

Happy Australia Day ... we didn't do anything particularly Australian on the day, though we did have many visitors and a BBQ ... but then we have a BBQ nearly every night in Summer, it's just easier, and the house doesn't smell like cooking - or heat up anymore than it already does. I'm not complaining about the heat because, even though the winter here doesn't get as cold as it does at home (remember, I've got a couple of 'homes' - this one is the one I grew up in, Southern Highlands of NSW) the cold does last for longer ... so warm is GREAT!

I'm sayin HAD today as we've got a long weekend to celebrate it (as it was on SAturday 25th and we get a public holiday, hence, HAD today, Monday) ... we have a church BBQ today, conveniently for us it is on 'our' beach, so we'll just walk down. I have tomorrow off as well, which is great.

We have 8 coming over for a BBQ tonight, friends of Mr Tasmania's arriving tonight (3) to stay until Friday, we've had one of his brothers and his wife here since SAturday afternoon, his parents are staying at another brother's place around the corner, and we're going away next Friday - Monday (Bruny Island) ... house full! Nice to have people around but I had to retreat to the bedroom and close the door (with the sunday papers!) yesterday for an hour or so, after friends of the sister in law turned up ... all became just a bit too many people!

It can be a bit hard sometimes ... this house has been the 'family shack' ie beach house for a very very long time ... though it was the actual home for a while early on as well .. Mr Tasmania and his brother own it now, his brother lived in it for a while, then moved into his own home, and Mr Tasmania has lived in it since he came back from Sydney, quite a while ago now, but it has still been the traditional family holiday shack. Which is lovely ... it really is, I wish my family had had one ... only problem really is that while they're all on holidays, or taking holidays - I'm not ... I'm working .. and my weekends are my time off ... in my HOME ... not my holiday house. So, while it's great for everyone to relax, I've still got to get stuff done ... and it gets a bit much having a house full of people doing the relaxing thing when you're actually just trying to live your normal life in your house.

Mr Tasmania knows I'm kind of torn on this ... I like people coming to visit and stay.. but I also get a little frustrated that they're not quite taking on board that it's our HOME not just 'the shack' ... but then I guess they'd probably be really upset if I tried to say that and not understand me ... sometimes I don't understand me. Ah well ... I guess it's nice to have people stay, and also nice when they all go away again.

Just makes me more determine to scrimp and save as much as we can to get our house started (and finished!) as soon as we can ... so then the shack can go back to being a holiday shack and not our home ... and that will make life easier for me ... I don't think anyone else actually has an issue!