of beautiful days and gardening

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Date: 28 January 2008 06:55:15

I have done a heap of gardening today with, hopefully, a bit more to go. Mr Tasmania headed out early with his brother and sister in law on their boat to go fishing at Sisters Beach .... result - 1 flathead .... which has gone home with the others because she caught it and I hate 'em! :)

In the meantime I slept in for half an hour, got up and washed my work uniform, got yesterday's washing in, and decided, as the sun had not yet crept around to the front of the house, that I would get into the garden, which has been sadly neglected since before Christmas!

I washed the salty sand off some seaweed that I'd collected from the beach and, as well as some cow manure, put it around the fairy fishing rods - bought 4 for 50c each at a school fete last year - two look good, two look dead - we'll see! Watered in well with Charlie Carp and hopefully they'll do okay!

Put in some lovely fuchsia's - no idea what name they are - selected by Mr Tasmania (part of my birthday present from his parents). Also put in some lemongrass kindly given to me by a lady who has a shack across the road - don't know how well it'll do but it's in front of the old chimney so will be nice and warm so should be okay I hope.

I've cleared out a heap of horrible cooch grass (grrrr) and cut back the scented geranium (they go nuts!) and the English Lavender (likewise, nuts!). I chucked a bit more cow poo about the place ... and I've decided where to plant the 'hen and chickens' ... which are overflowing their pots. Haven't put them in yet, but it might happen today... if not, I have tomorrow off, so I'll do it then :)

Oh, also put some cow and water on the three lemon bottlebrush I've planted out the front - they're going to, one day, fill in some gaps and give us a bit of privacy from the road - probably just in time for us to move out into our house :) - but that's okay! Gardens are always for the future - unless you spend a fortune on advanced plants and instant gratification ... I haven't got a fortune but I think I'd still prefer mostly delayed gratification ... some advanced plants can be encouraging!