of boxes and handy husbands .... and lovely water for swimming

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Date: 30 January 2008 07:25:28

Mmmmm .... Flex day (which meant 4 days off, with the Australia Day Holiday on Monday - nice!) ... did some good things, hanging out with husband not the least!

Finished a box he has been working on, which is just gorgeous, we went and put the lid on it, the rope handles, and painted it with Danish Oil (smells lovely!) and had it dropped off at home, courtesy of a friend with a ute!

It is now sitting outside the front door, and is a repository (in it's four sections) for his shoes, my shoes, dog gear, bike helmets, gardening gear, my parents shoes (yes, they're gradually building up a wardrobe down here, so one day they can just jump on a plane with carry on luggage and have it all here waiting for them!), and my fly screen making equipment.

It also doubles as additional seating for our verandah - it's AWESOME! It's so good to have a handy husband! Who is also into good design, so likes things to not only do the thing they're made to do, but to look good as well!

He cleaned out the landrover, in preparation for our trip to Bruny Island this weekend, and I made a flyscreen for our bedroom - which meant that last night we were able to have the window open without the slimy little mossies buzzing on in and sucking our blood! That's three flyscreens now, two more definites that I want to do, then a couple of ‘if I get around to it's) ... so much easier to make them than have them made - and less expensive!

We finished off our day by going for a swim down at the beach ... 19deg Celsius, or thereabouts, lovely lovely lovely - took the breath away a little on getting in, but that was mainly ‘cause the external temperature was so high - but once in, didn't really want to get out! Gorgeous!