Of funny puppies

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Date: 14 February 2008 09:52:14

I made a lentil stew last night .... My sister in law has a fabulous recipe for lentils with chorizo, which she has been promising me for two years now ... so I've given up and made up my own, with lentils, potato, red onion, garlic, red wine, chorizo, cumin, bay leaves, and paprika. Mr Tasmania went back for seconds and I enjoyed it very much, if I do say so myself - was very flavourful - which is saying a lot when you consider the enormous scope of the head cold I have had for a week! Smelling has been, to this point, something other people do :) ... so I'm very pleased that my sense of taste appears to be returning and I could taste my creation!

We let JD (the dog) in for the evening as Mr Tasmania had been informed that a friend was going to be doing some shooting on his farm property and the puppy does not cope with the sound of gunshots at all well (wallabies in plague proportions ... sorry if that ‘causes traumas for some .... But it's a reality of life, think of them as slightly larger rabbits ... these are not endangered even slightly ... I know they're Australian and therefore, apparently, to the rest of the world are super-cute ... but I think squirrels are too and I have heard Canadian friends refer to them as tree rats, so it's all relative). Mr puppy has settled greatly in the last few weeks, possibly entering his later teens in dog years (he's 21 months), and it was an enjoyable evening with him in the house, acting like a good boy.

He ALSO enjoyed the lentils :) .... I had left the empty (but dirty) pot sitting on the kitchen bin, beside the sink (waiting for the chief dishwasher) ... and he discovered it. Usually he is very good and will stop eating things or even resist eating things ... but not the lentils! He pulled the pot to the floor and got stuck in! Even with an audience of two he did not stop ... loooovvveeeddd it!

Very flattering, when the dog will stop on command for all other food except my lentils :)