Of Valentine's Day

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Date: 14 February 2008 09:54:56

Maybe, if I had been the kind of girl who was sent lots of Valentine's cards, received lots of flowers, and had had boyfriends at the rate my brothers had girlfriends as we were growing up, Valentine's Day wouldn't mean anything, and I'd be able to say it doesn't matter, we don't do anything, it's just a manufactured holiday etc etc etc.

But I'm not that girl.

What I AM, is a girl who's had 3 bunches of flowers (over my 37 years) from secret admirers, 3 or 4 cards (including the obligatory card your mum sends you in your first year of high school - she's a good girl!), and a couple of emails.

I'm also the girl who didn't really mind that she didn't get a lot of stuff, but was quite happy when she did receive things :), 'cause I'd rather have something that someone wanted to send me rather than something someone thought they should because everyone else was.

And the girl who is happy to treat it as a special day and say hey, I like to do special things for my boy every day ... but I'm happy to have a special celebratory day for him and me, and share that with the rest of the world - well, UK and USA and Canada, anyway.

So now, I'm a happily married girl who really enjoys Valentine's Day ... not because Mr Tasmania will be extravagant and take me out to an expensive dinner, or buy hot house long stemmed roses, or buy expensive jewellery - but because I've married a man who THINKS about ME ... and has bought me a set of expensive, good quality secateurs for Valentines.

That man knows ME ... and he THINKS! In my opinion (and sorry if you love receiving them!) all a bunch of long stemmed red roses shows is that you have too much money and no imagination ... and possibly not much thought for the person you've bought them for. They're a no brainer ... it's hard NOT to buy them, they're so prevalent in florists, department stores, garages for goodness sakes.

Don't worry, I bought him something too :)