Of a trip to Bruny, surfers, and a blow tyre

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Date: 14 February 2008 10:00:25

I'll be doing a little pictorial as soon as I can be bothered to put some stuff up on Flickr ... blame the head cold, the snot (sorry) production is sucking the energy out of me ... hence only three blogs since the end of January, and those all at the same time!

Suffice to say, we drove to Hobart in the Landrover (four hours), the back right tyre blew out in a big way (put on the spare but the original was unrepairable - and landrover tyres ARE NOT CHEAP!), stayed in Hobart, drove to Kettering, caught the car ferry across to Bruny (coincidentally meeting some friends from Hobart who were going across for the day), drove to Cloudy Bay, found the Crusty Surfer, watched surfers, drove to Cloudy Corner (3km's along the beach), found a camp spot, drove back and watched the surfers, drove back and set up camp, camped (joined by the Crusty Surfer, and two others), drove back the next day to watch more surfing (Crusty Surfer beat out two state champions!), drove to the Lighthouse, went and bought pizza, drove to the ferry, drove back to Hobart, stayed the night, did some shopping (yay!) in HObart, drove back home (4 hours), collapsed just a bit, went to bed ...... and I went to work. Can't quite remember what Mr TAsmania did ... I'm fairly sure it involved unpacking, cleaning, doing the washing, getting the washing in, and cooking dinner - he's a good boy!