Of prayer and praising

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Date: 03 March 2008 10:09:06

Mr Tasmania's mum is not well at the moment ... if anyone has a sec to spare to throw up a prayer for Mrs Claus it'd be great. She's not a young lady and illness is harder when older. The Potato King (Mr Tasmania's dad) is doing his best but is also not young so prayer for healing and stamina would be great.

We seem to be having a little outbreak at present ... Mr Tasmania has got stitches in his back, a friend has just had her second operation to remove a cancer and is now looking at teeth removal and radiotherapy, another friend has been diagnosed (to much relief, as it can be dealt with, and she's not nuts!) with a ‘woman's problem', and one of my great-aunts has oesophageal cancer (which she is fighting hard).

Sometimes it seems that everything happens at once ... but I guess as you get older and your circle of family and friends expands, I guess it just means you know more people who may have some sort of illness ... but it does sometimes mean your prayer time sounds more like a grocery list than time spent with God. However, I guess He understands and I'd rather be praying than hoping!

Late breaking news: Mrs Claus has an operation in two weeks - but news is good! Prayer is a wonderful thing!