Of household improvements

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Date: 03 March 2008 10:11:08

We put up a bistro curtain on Saturday .. I'm not sure what they may be called elsewhere ... they're curtains of heavy thick plastic which can be rolled up or down depending on the weather, various lengths and widths, often used in outdoor cafes or bistros (hence the name) when inclement weather strikes.

We've put it at the Eastern end of our verandah ... we actually get quite a lot of sun on the verandah and it's lovely in Winter to sit out there (still wrapped up in your woollies) and have a BBQ but it has often been spoiled by a sneaky little breeze coming through that end, sending us all inside out of the breeze. But now ... ta da ... it is stopped in its tracks! I sat out there on quite a breezy Sunday and not only read the paper but left it and came back to find it in one piece, not spread all over the front yard! Success!!

We also put down some new carpet (courtesy of a friend who is redoing a room) in the bungalow out the back ... honestly, if we'd chosen the colour we couldn't have done better, it's a lovely blue that works with the peachy walls and blue green curtains so well! Gorgeous ... and makes that room warmer and more welcoming for any guests we may have.

I've also bought a pink hydrangea bush (or stem, it's quite young!) ... this is the start of livening up the stand of banksia between us and the neighbours - whilst banksias are quite pretty and good shrubbery .. they're not very colourful. So in the areas that have been pruned I'm going to plant a 'shwubbewy' ... and a colourful one at that! So, hydrangea, rhododendron, camellia, tibouchina, all sorts of things are going in - and the toughest wins!