Of parents

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Date: 03 March 2008 10:14:09

who are at this point probably tucked up asleep, but are generally rampaging around TAsmania ... they've been here since last Tuesday, and go home next Tuesday (not tomorrow Tuesday, next week Tuesday) ... so far they've walked to Doone Falls (and dad almost walked on a tiger snake), gone to Gunns Plains and the wildlife park (and dad saw a tiger snake), and climbed Mt St Valentine (and mum woke up the tiger snake and dad had to go bush as it was looking at him in a very meaning way!). We're calling him the snake whisperer!

So, they're having fun, and have stopped and smelled the roses, paddled in the ocean, and read the papers along the way. This weekend (a long one in Tassie, and 5 days off for me if you count the two flex days I'm taking - yay!) we're going down the Pieman River in a boat which should be fabulous!