Of shoes and sweetpeas

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Date: 04 March 2008 09:30:33

I'm going to go and check out shoes today (I'll be posting this after I get home from work, as I can't do it from here, in case you're wondering why multiple entries appear minutes apart!). I have one pair I've worn all this summer and last and they've just about had it. They look okay from above but the inner is wearing away and I think some of the straps are getting to the point where they look okay but will give way without warning - probably at the optimum moment of embarrassment!

Anyway ... shoes are on the agenda ... and I want to actually get Sweet Peas in on St Patricks Day for a change .... Or nearabouts anyway, Easter being early this year they may just have to wait until then ... but I'm going to give it a go! I love them but I always forget to plant them ... much like sunflowers actually! I have three sunflowers in the garden this year, dwarfs ... and my goodness they are! I think the head on the largest would be lucky to be 8cm across, and they're only 40cm high - very cute and very tiny! I'll save the seeds though, as they're heritage seeds so will grow true ... and I'll hopefully grow a heap next year!

Late breaking news: no shoe shopping - couldn't be bothered - went and ate my lunch at the beach - 3 minutes drive :)