of crappy days

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Date: 08 March 2008 23:18:42

I'm having one ... it's just one of those days I think ... not helped by my dad oh so subtly trying to guilt trip me into going to church - I'm the kid who DOES go to church! Man ... sorry, it makes me angry ... I have brothers who have been basically non attenders for the last year, whilst maintaining that they DO go (delusional, obviously, talking about church doesn't mean you're going!) and we go most of the time but I get the little digs ... and he'd be upset that I thought he was having a go I'm sure ... so maybe he doesn't even know he's doing it - does that make it better or worse?

anyway, to top it off, we're feeding the dogs and cat of a friends ... so I took JD with me, to give him a run around with his friends, and he's treed the cat .. which is only what dogs do I guess so that wasn't what made me angry and got me upset ... it's the fact that, even though he knows that he has to come when he's called, he didn't ... and he looked straight at me and then ignored me...

so he's in the poo up to the eyeballs ... and he knew it on the way home too, VERY well behaved dog, could win prizes with that behaviour! He's back in his yard in disgrace now.

So, I have an empty house for about an hour,parents at church husband down the west coast (he's not in the poo, I just want him to come home) so I'm going to tidy up this dump - washing is in, dishwasher is on, cleaned the loo, going to tidy the bedroom and do the washing up of those items which don't go/fit in the dishwasher ... and then I might go and prune some branches off the banksia's out the front - destruction is good for the soul!