Of days off and parents going home

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Date: 10 March 2008 20:17:29

Have just dropped the parents off at the airport to catch the 6:30am flight on their journey homewards. IT's been great having them here for a fortnight (mostly!) ... will miss them now they're gone. To my knowledge, that's the last of our planned visitors ... who knows what will turn up next! Nice to have a bit of a breather and just us again for alittle while though.

Though we do enjoy having mum/dad here, they're very easy.

We all had a gorgeous swim yesterday, 19c in the water but beautiful warm wind to come out to.

And I have a flex day today, so will be washing and vacuuming etc etc ... ah well ... it's cloudy and 13c now but due to get to 21c so will hopefully be a lovely day!