of sore backs and shopping

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Date: 13 March 2008 09:59:46

yes well, day off was all well and good, then I had to go and fall in a hole on the beach on Wednesday morning. Not a large hole, and not all the way in ... I must make a mention that, in my defence (as I'm not usually clumsy unless I'm very tired, when I walk in to everything and my words come out bcakdwars), it was quite dark (6:00am) and I was walking beside the creek, and little people love building dams ... so, I didn't really fall in, I abruptly dropped the right foot about 8- 10 inches further than expected - with the result that I've jarred my back.

Non specific painy bits, not even really bad, but catching when tired, and weirdly achey/not achey - one of those stupid sore backs - anyway, husband used the EXTREME heat gel on it tonight and said there is a big hard knot in the middle of where it was sore/not sore ... so I'm glad I'm not really just a whinger! Anyway, sitting here with my back simmering slightly :) - I actually quite like the sensation (except when you get some gel in your eyes or other tender bits - not so nice!).

anyhoo, so that's sorted ... and I went shopping today! We have a wedding this saturday pm, and I am going to one back home in April (sadly without Mr T as it costs a fortune, even with deals, to fly from Tassie to ANYWHERE!). So I bought a gorgeous red platter and photo album/frame (to match their beautiful soft red leather couch) for this weekend's duo .... and yesterday I put on layby a numbered print by an artist who's work I love for the April weddings (check out www.obieart.com - the print we've bought is called Bon Voyage - I thought appropriate as it's his second wedding and her first at 49 - so heading off on a big new trip).

In addition I have bought a gorgeous thing which a gorgeous soon to be enormously elderly person of wibsite acquaintance may or may not receive as a present on their soon to be significant birthday (that's unless I decide I like it too much, in which case the ancient old bod will receive something else). I also stunned myself with my organisation and put my niece's birthday present on layby - her birthday is not until DECEMBER! I'm thinking I'm pretty good at this point .... or I was until I wrote up the list of people that I have to buy birthday presents for this year ... now I'm trying to work out if I can seriously make something at my pottery class for all of them that they won't just look at and then put in a cupboard for ever :)