of birthdays ... and it's mine!

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Date: 14 October 2008 00:04:15

Yes, I am .... 38 today .... or, as my brother keeps telling me - nearly 40 ... which is fine, 'cause I keep reminding him he's only 18 months behind ... :)

Not that I mind actually, I've never had a problem with my age (except for when I turned 23, for some reason that upset me, I still don't know why) ... so 38 is not an issue. I do find it kind of funny that at my age my mother had a 17, 15, and 13 year old ... but hey, it's my life, not my mum's, so it's not a problem, just one of those funny things.

My gorgeous husband bought me a bottle of my favourite favourite perfume, the original Lolita Lempicka - mmmm, gorgeous! We're going to use up his winnings this weekend and take the night at the Cradle M*untain Ch*teau (4.5 stars, nice!) on Saturday night as my birthday treat ... he's in charge of dinner and all payments :) ... will be very nice to be away and just relaxing. We loved being up there with mum and dad last month but it will be lovely to just be us pootling about too.