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Date: 26 March 2008 08:23:43

the door tree (see door pic below) continues to gather friends ... from my start of one dwarf in early January the score at present is (I think)- 6 dwarfs, 1 ceramic rabbit, 1 ceramic frog, 1 angel head, 1 bunch flowers, three choccie eggs (may not still be present), 1 choccie rabbit (ditto), framed 'window' at the top of the door, 1 whirligig (as of this afternoon sometime) .... it's very very cool!

the back ... is on the improve - we have abandoned 'house' and moved to the spare bedroom - which is VASTLY better - we haven't moved before because a) husband would not admit mattress in marital bed was CR*PPY, b) we've had LOTS of visitors, and c) we hadn't thought of it :) .... and now, as a result of husband finally rolling over on SAtuday and saying mattress is shocking (and me waking up every morning feeling like an old old OLD lady, all bent over and 'crunchy') we have sallied forth to Harvey Norman (large 'everything' store) and bought (22 months interest free thanks very much) a brand spanking new mattress - which will be delivered sometime next week. Chiro, pillow top, latex in there somewhere, 10 year guarantee - yay!

the sibling visits - are on! well, one set anyway :) BroBoss and ChiliGirl are making a flying visit, sans kids, at the end of May - 4 days, yay! We get to drive to Launceston to pick up / drop off - not really fabulous - but it is only 2 hours after all, not that far (it's taken me almost that long to get to the airport in Sydney - and that's supposed to be a 20 minute drive from my previous residence!)... it's great, they'll be here long enough to see our home, our block, some of the sights, meet some friends, and relatives ... hooray! The kids will stay with my parents, which is great - Son No 1 has had a dietary change with a resultant almost miraculous change in behaviour so will probably be a pleasure to have stay :) - Son No 2 is the most laid back child there ever was and is never any trouble. So, looking forward to that - and having a deadline is great as it means we'll get a few jobs done before they arrive.

the holiday in June is practically organised. I'm booking some remaining flights tomorrow and we've chosen where we're staying - and it's got a spa bath! - so that's all good.

the new boss has started - okay so far, really don't think she's got even the slightest handle on how busy she SHOULD be ... I think it will come as a rude shock around the first week in April when quarterly reports are due - oh, that's next week? Well, it will be an EARLY rude shock - stay tuned!

of gardening - we've had a little rain - yay - and the grevilleas and bottlebrush at the block are going BOnKERs - they're huge :) ... yesterday I planted a pink hydrangea and a heap of sweet pea seeds, as well as struck some more geraniums (pelargoniums) ... I've decided the garden at the shack will have annuals (self seeding mainly), bulbs. and lots of shrubs - geraniums, hydrangeas, lavendar, fuchsia, daisies etc - all hardy, all of which can manage by themselves when we finally build and move.

of husbands - he's lovely, of course, and on school holidays this week - and today, instead of playing golf as planned, has spent the day being an escort driver to an enormous machine and truck being transported to the Savage River Mine. He'll be home late but it's cash money - yay! - and will help pay a bill - and I don't think he'd have liked playing golf today anyway, the weather is YUKKY!

of weddings 1 and 2 - W1 (mid March) was great, husband is hilarious! (haven't seen him drink that much before) a very very funny boy when he's drunk - and funny FUN not funny annoying or sloppy. I got to drive the bride and groom home as they'd gotten completely organised and forgotten to organise a ride home from the reception for themselves! Was funny as my sister in law drove one of the wedding cars at the beginning of the day.

and I think that's enough of an update for now - the pics in the previous post will take you to my flickr site if you click on them - and descriptions are there :)