YAy for weekends

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Date: 28 March 2008 06:25:33

thank goodness ... it was only a three day week but it's felt very very very long!

we're out for pizza at church connect group tonight - will be interesting as it will be our first viewing of a newly built house. They've done a lot of work themself .. and the outside looks like a moonscape (my pet hate).

Mr Tasmania has dropped off a plan of our house to another friend who works/manages a local glaziers for a quote on the windows - double glazed, LOTS of them, highlights etc ... unfortunately the greenish tint we like the most costs twice as much as regular tint (and plain clear glass is a no no really in Tasmania, the glare is shocking! - I"m thinking about eyes here, I'm not really precious enough to be worrying about my curtains/lounge fading - that's a fact of life in the Australian sun, if you don't like it you can waste an awful lot of money/energy dealing with it - I can't be bothered with either frankly). Anyway, it's nice to be taking yet another step towards the actual building.

Next step is to get the plans formally approved by the council!

Mr Tasmania is currently getting rid of a heap of banksia branches on a friends pile of trees.