of Winter, building, and prayers

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Date: 31 March 2008 09:40:29

well, back to work and it's cold! Apparently there was snow in the midlands of Tassie ... not really all that cold I guess, 17C (64F?'ish) ... nothing to someone who has regular snow but still coolish ... I'm not into stockings or jumpers for work yet, but did wear a vest today ... but ended up with the office window open this afternoon.

I don't actually mind it cooling down at the moment, as the sun is still out most of the time, and it means great Autumn cooking (I made cheese and spring onion scones on Saturday - yum!), jobs inside, lots of great gardening jobs without having to hide from the summer UV rays (I'm a gold medal burner!), and best of all - great snuggling weather!

We had a little more rain overnight, enough to keep wetting the grass and making the dirt change colour, not enough for puddles - but if we keep getting that sort of rain it'll keep everything growing but not at too outrageous a pace. Great for the grevilleas/bottlebrush at the block!

We had a friend who has an excavator come up and give us a quote on the earthworks we need done before we build the house - digging out quite a big bank behind the shed and 'the imminent house', moving the dirt in front of the shed, and taking away the leftovers from last years giant bonfire. That's one of the jobs we can get done before we build - and if interest rates keep doing what they're doing that won't be for a while! So, we'll do all the other things - the preliminaries - putting the plans through council - getting quotes on windows/doors - buying tapware, bathroom heaters, - putting a toilet in the shed and installing the septic tank - getting power on to the shed - putting in and burying the 10000gallon water tank - investigating solar powered hot water, stoves, fridges, kitchens, flooring, bathroom decor/tiles etc .... there's lots and lots and lots we can do ... and the more of those we do the less we have to do when we finally do build .. and the smaller the mortgate will (hopefully) be!

It's a learning curve - but a good one so far!

Prayers if you will for Mrs Claus (Mr Tasmania's mum) who goes into surgery tomorrow - all outcomes are encouraging but she is in her '80's and has spent almost no time in hospital (apart from having 6 children!) so she is understandably a little anxious. If you can prayer for peace and a great result that'd be lovely - thanks :)

Also Ms Tycoon - she commences radiation therapy tomorrow to treat an area her sinuses where a growth has been removed - pray for strength and healing for her too.

thanks all!