Of boring days at work

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Date: 04 April 2008 09:45:07

Only 3 people at work today ... and the other two I could cheerfully do without ... one is all false and the other is a really nice girl who gets sucked in by The Bogan. Luckily they're in an office together down the hall. I've spent most of the day in my office off the foyer happily ignoring them J

I've gotten a lot of work done though, actually cleared quite a bit of my desk - can't say that any of it strained the brain - but then not much of my work does to be honest - not that I'm complaining! The last two jobs I had were very busy, especially working for my brother, and I'm quite happy to leave responsibilities to someone else and just be able to walk out the door at 5:30pm and not think about anything else J

Mr Tasmania has just phoned me (I'm writing this at work, to post later) to say that he has invited a mate of his over for a drink after dinner, with the girlfriend. They've recently moved down to our little neck of the woods and don't particularly know anyone down here. I've met the mate once, when I took the LandRover over for him to take for a test drive (he was considering buying one), but he was nice enough so it should be okay. We have nothing at all for them to nibble on at home, but Mr Tasmania is going to buy something - thank goodness we have a little shop! And some beer in the fridge! Not that I wouldn't be nice anyway J but this particular gentleman is the one who is doing the quote on our (enormous amount of) double glazed and inbuilt flyscreened windows and doors ...

I was planning on cooking some savoury cheese and onion scones, and also some chocolate cake, when I got home ... but I won't do that while we've got visitors (unless it's family of course, that's different!). I'll probably just start knitting my next cushion cover - doing this one all in Knit, last two were done in Moss Stitch, so it'll be a lot faster.

7:44pm PS - Mrs Clause is home from hospital in Launceston - seems very chirpy, doc things she'll be okay.