of amazing men part 2

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 10 April 2013 12:34:30

Can you believe I didn't put my dad in that list? Apart from my husband, he's the most amazing man in my life, always ... there's so many good things about my dad that even the really annoying stuff (he's seriously the skinniest man alive, for a voluptuous girlie that's a bit of a bugger ha ha, no genes passed on there!) pales into insignificance. He's definitely human but he's definitely lovely.

Oh yeah, and while I"m at it, my father in law, all 92 years of him, is not bad either - he calls me girlie, which is hilarious, and used to sit in the back seat of the car when we went to Hobart so I could ride in the front with Mr Tasmania, who drove (this is significant, trust me, the first time it happened my husband couldn't believe it, he'd never seen him do it for any of his other daughters in law ...).

gosh, lots of good men!!

Feeling quite blessed really!!