of amazing men

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Date: 10 April 2013 12:30:36

I have (and have had) a number of them in my life, some who I miss greatly (my mum's dad), some who I only see on Facebook (the 3 of them live in Queensland), my brothers, some of my brothers-in-law (I've got about 5 or so - some are not quite brothers in law but that's another story), my Tassie mates, and the one I'm writing this about - my lovely husband.

Many things I could say about this man but I'll just stick to this today ... turns out the first job off the rank had a closing date of today (which I discovered as I turned off the computer last night, on the way to bed) not Friday .. which gave me a massive case of the shits to be honest ... so I was just going to throw in whatever sort of application it turned out to be and just treat it as the first toe in the water ... like I said before, a new job is not necessary at this point but the possibility / probability that it will be not far down the road, and the lack of opportunity here at this time, means anything that looks half way reasonable should be at least applied for.

anyway ... I wrote up my bits this morning at high speed and saved them to his computer. He had a look at them during the day, rearranged them, added an intro, and sent them to me on my private email so I could check them out while at work (briefly, in a break I might add!).

Tonight I slapped it all together properly, he went through it all again, then we sent off the application.

I'm sure the lovely Deeleea will probably find it hilarious / unbelievable that I can't write a decent job application .. but it's true ... I can edit the hell out of anyone else's stuff, constructively criticise, rewrite if necessary, and turn a pigs ear into a silk purse (or even say 'it's awesome, it needs nothing') ... but writing my own stuff has always been a real battle. By shuffling my stuff around and adding in some great bits of his own my lovely boy freed me up to critique my own work, which was great. It's absolutely not the best application I've ever put in and I would honestly be gobsmacked if I got an interview from it ... but it's started me off and I will now get completely organised so if anything amazing comes up I'm hot to trot.

It's a weird thing, not being able to put on paper what's in your head ... but I've worked out over the years it's the 'overwhelmingness' of it (new word of the day!) ... essentially, it's like it used to be in infants school when we were told to paint a picture ... of anything!!! 2 worst words in the world for me - I need boundaries .. paint a horse, paint a flower, draw a garden / house / helicopter!!!!!! Lots of scope within 4 walls, waaaayyyyy to many variables and opportunities from now walls at all!

So, to finish what I started, thank you to my amazing man, who really does understand how my annoying brain works (or doesn't!) and knows exactly what to do to make things work :)