of starting the winter 'quick dinner' stock up

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 04 April 2013 10:09:53

yum, the bacon potato and corn soup experiment worked ... even though I had to use beef stock 'cause had no chicken (seriously, 8 boxes of beef stock & consomme and no chicken? Can't blame anyone else 'cause i do the grocery shopping) ... think I might try it with ham bones next - and some dutch creams .. the nicola potatoes are good but you just can't beat a dutch cream for yummy.

I can't, unfortunately, just come home and grab a meat pie or a pizza and chuck it in the oven ... and when we're both getting home in the dark (not quite yet!) and it's raining and freezing cold in the middle of winter (or, possibly, summer in the northern hemisphere - wow, you guys are having some seriously sucky weather at the moment! All my sympathies!!!) I really need some good, healthy, quick meals that we're both not bored to death with.

So, soup as above is the first one - was very yum and will freeze up nicely - thaw, microzap, and chuck in some fresh chives / parsley (not for him, he hates it) and it'll be a fabulous easy dins! Tomorrow I'm on the hunt for gravy beef and marrow bones to make up a nice beef stroganoffy stew in the slow cooker on Saturday (will be another experiment as I have not cooked stroganoff without onion before ... may well be making the dogs day in the end!).