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Date: 07 April 2008 09:42:44

well, we had a lovely weekend, Mr Tasmania did a bit at the block on Saturday (chainsawing and weeding and decobwebbing the shed - as well as using the new yard and straw brooms with great gusto) and I, in the spirit of Deeleea, had my hair done - I had it all chopped off to a short bob about two months ago and it's usually quite a bright red (DEFINITELY not my natural shade!) ... so now, the bob is the same bar a few layers so it doesn't sit out in a triangle, but the colour is a darker brown with violet undertones, with VERY bright red foils (streaks) and blondy bits underneath.... my hair philosophy is as follows: it grows quickly, so if it's cut too short it will grow in short order - and it's naturally brown (and 'silver') so if the colour put in is 'orrible, then we'll just dye it brown again - simple!

We had recently married friends over for dins on Saturday pm and it was lovely to catch up and see the difference in The Running Man - he normally speaks quickly and 'gibbers' a bit - and was really going to town by the day of the wedding - but he was so relaxed and calm, it was great to see!

Sunday Mr TAsmania went surfing - and I rearranged the house! Well, not the whole house, but I started with our bedroom, taking advantage of the fact that the old mattress went to the tip on Saturday and the new one comes tomorrow (Tuesday). I moved stuff, I emptied stuff, I dusted, boy, did I dust, and then I put it all back together. Mr Tasmania had a pile of things to go through when he came home - to chuck, to store elsewere, to keep - his decision, the only things I really throw out without checking are horrible old holy undies!

Today, I was home sick so I cleaned out the windowseats - much sand! So that's one less thing I'll do next Saturday. My basic aim is to have my wardrobe in our bedroom so I don't have to tromp in and out of the spare room to gather clothing when we have guests, and to get the filing cabinet OUT of the bedroom as, due to my living in rentals etc, I have had a filing cabinet in my bedroom (a perfectly nice wooden one though) for almost 10 years - I think it's time for it to be elsewhere!